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I know this is entirely personal preference, but I've been to 10 various websites now and everything is just starting to blur. I have a 2003 SR5 in Natural White. I currently have the Limited wheels on it, and just ordered a matching wing that should be delivered next week. Here is a link to someone else's pic of what my car exactly looks like.

I plan to keep the vehicle stock height and my wife is the primary driver of this vehicle. I think chrome would look nice on this car in either 18" or 20". I've attached a picture of what I'm thinking. Do the wheels in the pic look like 18's or 20's? The website description says 18's, but I haven't seen any 18's that look like the pic. They look like 20's to me.

few questions...

1. 18's vs 20's. Any difference as long as I keep the overall height of the wheel the same?

2. If I plan to upgrade anyway, I shouldn't bother with 17's?

3. Do you have any pics of other SQ's with 18's or 20's? I'm having a hard time finding pics on this forum and on in internet of SQ's with those sizes.

4. What are your recommendations for wheels? Please post link to pic of wheel (even better if already on 1st gen SQ).

5. 265 vs 285? What difference does it make? Does it even matter, as long as the overall dimension is the same?
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