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Hi Super smart helpful enthusiasts.

My 04 V8 4.7 Tundra had the code P0031 come up, which is H025 (or H02S) meaning Heater Control Circuit low Bank 1 Sensor 1 (and possibly Bank 1 Sensor 2).

Can I get some help with what this means and the severity?

I susperced it was related to very little heat in the AC, and when I removed the code, it returned when I turned the heat on again.

HOWEVER, in the Haynes Manual the diagrams seem to give a different sense, of a critical one relating to a critical engine function.

What are these and what can be done? Are the sensors easily or cheaply replaced?

I'll attach the electrical diagrams which mentions the heaters/heat sensors and banks.




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Those codes have nothing to do with the HVAC ventilation system. Those codes are for sensors in the exhaust piping for emission control. Do a search using those code numbers and you'll see what they are for.

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