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Help w/ replacing CD Player - where's all the screws?

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i've got a 2005 double cab and i'm trying to replace the factory cd player w/ a sony. i know how to do everything except get the original cd player out. where are all the screws to the panel off that goes over the cd player...i've taken the screws out behind the ac/heat knobs,

where are the rest of the screws? how to i get the panel off?

thanks a lot
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They inside the two air vents. Push the vents all the way up and look in them. There is one screw in each.
and one behind each knob for the A/C. i see where you said you knew that
there arethe screws behind the nobs then the air vents and then the whle thing shoul judt pop of
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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