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Trying to install an Alpine INA-w900 into my 04 Tundra AC SR5. I had already put a single din radio in a few years ago, but wanted to add nav & a camera. Unfortunately, I have figure out that my red wire (ignition switched) is not providing any power when turned on. If I connect both power wires to the constant (yellow) power then the unit works, just not with the red correctly attached to the iginition (Accessory, switched) lead.

Does *anyone* know which fuse controls this--I thought I'd gone through ALL of them and even tested the fuses with my multimeter.

Furthermore, I got rid of my original radio since I never plan to sell the truck and my Metra install kit tells me to re-use the factory brackets (which i no longer have). anyone know where I can find those?

Has anyone ever installed one of these into an 00-06 tundra?
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