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I'm hoping to get some help with my 04 Tundra DC. It gets driven in 4wd pretty regularly at our lease property. Last week when I got home and parked it, all seemed well. Then the next day I got in and went to back out and it made a clicking/grinding noise. Almost like a bike would make with a stick or card in the spokes. It did it in forward for about 50 feet and then stopped. I drove it to my mechanic but he was slammed and couldn't look at it and told me make sure there weren't sticks stuck under it somewhere and to bring it back if it did it again. After I left his shop, I hit a bump and it started making the noise again...again for just a short distance. I got home, parked the truck and didn't do anything with it for a couple of days.

A friend suggested I might have mud in the brakes and to hose them down really well, so I did that and there weren't any further issues until yesterday. I noticed when I started driving the truck out of the driveway that the 4Hi light was flashing and thought my son must have bumped the button when he was looking for something in the front console. I pulled out of the driveway and waited for it to stop flashing and then turned 4wd off. Driving back and forth in front of our house it made the noise in forward and reverse. Then it stopped.

Today, on a hunch, I went to a nearby dirt road and driving slowly put it in 4hi. No problem. Took it out of 4hi...grinding noise. Put it back in 4hi and the noise stopped. Tried to put in 4lo and 4lo flashed but didn't engage. Had to do it twice to get it to engage. It engaged, drove fine, took it back out of 4lo and put in 4hi. No issues. Dropped out of 4hi to 2wd, no issues. Did the 4hi to 2wd cycle a couple of times and it did the grinding noise again once and stopped when I put it back into 4hi. All of this driving was a low speed (less than 5 mph.)

Do y'all have any suggestions on what to look for? A friend suggested it might be a wheel bearing, but the 4wd thing seems to be more suspect to me.

I'm going to try to link to the video of the noise in case that helps. Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.

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