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I got a used 2001 Highlander Limited Edition V6 AWD at 85,000 km (53,000 miles). I plan to manage and do scheduled checks and maintenance myself.

I plan to follow the Toyota scheduled maintenance and I don't understand the meaning of the number of months and the mileage intervals.

According to
2001 Highlander
52,500 Miles - 42 Months
-Replace Oil & Filter
-Rotate Tires

Should I follow the Mileage or the Time in Months? Is this a "whichever comes first" schedule? In my case, I have about 53,000 miles and the car is already about 7 years old (84 months). Should I follow the 84 months or the 52,500 mileage? This car was well maintained by the previous owner by regularly bringing it to the dealer.

How do I plan my maintenance sched?

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Since this vehicle has below average miles, I would like to see what the actual dealer record shows as "been done" if available.

I recommend going to the Recommended Maintenance Schedule Manual and do all the items listed based on your current mileage. Then read backward at each interval and check components that "should" have been done at earlier mileage intervals. At your mileage there are no major items to address at this time, but check all components that should have done at the ealier recommended intervals. Of course obvious stuff like belts and hoses and air filters I would generally replace as a new owner of any used vehicle. That's just peace of mind at a small cost. Rubber items generally age with time and can fail not just because of mileage. Rubber will deterierate due to temp extremes and ozone emmissions just like tires that dry rot. I generally follow the extreme service mileage intervals for scheduled maintenance. That's a personal call. But, I use Synthetic engine oil and a quality oil filter and will allow between 5-7k miles between changes. It comes to about 2 changes per year on oil and filter.

My spin:)

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