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Homelink Bulb #'s

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I also put this post in the Sequoia Forum...

I was told by the local Toyota dealer that I would have to replace the whole Homelink console for the little bulbs that have gone out(around $500)....I have heard of some people getting them from a few dealers, which I in turn told the parts manager. He said they couldnt get a part number. I proceeded to ask him if he was just too lazy to find them for me. He even went as far as to tell me that I would not find those anywhere, and if I did, he would pay for them.

Well, I got them from my brothers friend who works for Toyota parts in California. It was sweet when the dealer shelled out the cash and a free service.:) Of coarse, he needed the part numbers.

Well, I thought to pass the part numbers to all:

BULB, W/CAP 90011-11038

I hope this helps everyone out.

With the part numbers, any dealer can order them for you.
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