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Has anyone had to change out their lift supports? I think mine are going bad...and they are easy to replace, but I wonder why Toyota specified two distinct part numbers for left and right supports? One Toyota site wants as little as $48 per support (list is $67), RockAuto has non-OEM versions for about $24 per. Toyota apparently replced these lifts used in the 2000 Tundra with the ones found in later years (through 2006).

When I got the truck back after the frame replacement, the hood didn't want to release. I finally got it open and mostly found a crapload of dirt and dust in the hood latch and spring and shot it up with WD-40 to clean it. It helped a little, but I'm thinking the lifts aren't any good anymore. The dealership didn't bother to clean anything after they finished the work on the frame (including the grease on the door and steering wheel).

Anyway, if anyone has any experience with the hood lifts I'd like to know.

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