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I'm a new poster to the forum and I'm in Houston. I just paid off my 08 CrewMax TRD and was looking to make some slight modifications. My first move is to outfit her with some new chrome kicks. My plans were to do the chrome exchange from a reputable seller on ebay. Take a look > Set of 4 New 18" Toyota Tundra Chrome Wheels Rims Sequoia 69516 Exchange | eBay

I also wanted to upgrade the stock JBL sound system by adding an amp and changing out the door speakers and also the stock sub. I dont want a boomin system. I just want to kick it up a notch to enhance my music choices. If you all know of or can recommend an installer in the Houston area, preferably south of I-10, I'd appreciate the feedback. If you also have an amp or speaker suggestion, please include those.

Thanks in advance
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