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I'm considering buying the JL center-console 10" subwoofer Stealtbox for my 2005 Double Cab.

I currently have my RCE II with the 12" sub, but I recently installed a 10" Stealthbox in a buddy's Excursion and I was really impressed with how it sounded for just one 10" sub.

However, the Tundra Stealthbox is significantly smaller than that for the Excursion and it may sound totally different in my application

Before I go spending $400 to $500 on an experiment to see if I like the sound (then having to eBay the Stealthbox if I'm not happy with it, and lose money:mad: ) I wondered if any member in the greater Houston area had one I could audition.

Anyone with a Stealthbox willing to let me have a listen? I'd come to you or meet somewhere convenient for you.

Thanks, in advance, for the help.

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