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Houston, TX area Tundra owners check in

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Just curious how many of us Tundra owners are here in the Houston area? Maybe we all could meet up somewhere and shoot the sh#t about our new toy's. It is nice in the evenings, maybe we all could meet in a big parking lot somewhere and have a Tundra meet.
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WESTHEIMER @BW8! I'm down BTW. We can meet up near a food truck, like the imports do for Ricer Wednesday at the Rice boxfood truck.
Katy area here. Traded in my 2008 TRD for the 2013 Platinum. Let me know when the meetings are..

Sw here.

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Katy area here. Just sold my 2001 SR5 AC (that I loved!) and got a 2005 double cab. Seen a few trucks in the area with a Tundra Solutions sticker on them!
New to the forums but from League City, I have a 11' TRD CM, still in Stock stage due to working and no time for playing, looking forward to meet you guys and gals for a Tundra meet of some sort
New to forum but on my second Tundra.

2014 - 1794 Barcelona Red
New to forum... new to Tundra's... bought a 2011 Crewmax 4wd.... loving it!

red sr5 on BDS lift w/black wheels...
Bought a 2011 Double Cab. Great truck.
Spring, TX checking in. Spring Cypress / Kuykendhel area.
Heights here. Just signed up
Just signed up a few days ago.
Northwest side, gen 1 owner here.
Any recommendations for a good dealer for service? I am close to West side of Houston but will go anywhere in proper Houston for a good service dealer.
I went to Toyota Katy yesterday but the service guy I talked to was terrible. Give me a run around for a simple service request. Thanks all!
161 - 176 of 176 Posts
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