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How do I build a mid travel prerunner?

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Wassup fellas, so basically my goal is to build a truck that can get the homies out to the cabin. But also get rowdy in the dirt. Like real rowdy. Problem is I don’t have the budget for a long travel Prerunner build, so I’d have to go mid travel. Now the part I need help with is figuring out what exactly I need to buy. I come from working on lowered cars, so this truck suspension is overwhelmingly bizarre to me.
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Welcome to the site. You didnt break any rules but if you want to make finding stuff easier use the search function. In the black header bar type in whatever you want to search for. If you want to look only in gen 1 tundra for example then click on the advanced search and select just gen 1. That will take you to any existing threads already on whatever subject your searching for. Hope that helps.
And sometimes it helps to ask your question in an existing thread, preferably one thats more recent and has lots of replies. That can sometimes net you more responses.

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