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How do I know what east coast dealers have in stock?

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Hello everyone,
If I wanted to check what east coast dealers have in stock, is there a website to check? My local dealers have very few Tundra's.

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hello, i don't remember one website for east coast but i did google up some state wide dealer locaters , then linked to them or got thier names and googled them up individually. try googling toyota dealers (pick state).
good luck
www.toyotaof open from 12-6 today I dont think the site is not 100% accurate so may want to call at 12. I know we have a dblcabsr5trdpkg in dk blue,and a dbl cab long bed sr5 in the sand color both with the the 5.7 I'm not to sure of lmtd's? we can't seem to keep them around.:cool:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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