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currently the fuel level illumination is out and the climate control panel illumination is out.
best course is to change all the bulbs on the aging vehicle. also the ignition key surround illumination is out.

problem for me is i cannot find sufficient detail on how to remove the instrument surround and then the dash instrument cluster (and a second climate instrument cluster) so i can proceed confidently to then replace the bulbs. e.g. where are the 2? screws located that remove the surround (i could find 1)-- and later the screws for the instrument cluster. also it would be nice to know where the snap fasteners are located so i can remove the surround and cluster without damaging the goods.

one posting referred to a pdf document with step by step instructions, but i was not able to find or download it. there was a hint of some drawings or photos. a url to receive that document or similar would be greatly appreciated.

as for replacement bulbs, i understand the large bulbs are #192 and the smaller bulbs are ? both widely available. one issue is that some of the bulbs have a green flexible plastic cover. i will try to reuse them, but a source for replacement covers would be helpful.

thanks in advance for your help.

btw -- i looked through all 15 pages of postings for possible answers to my question. i tried to use the search function -- but as a newbie i could not make it work for me.

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