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I'm new to this forum. Glad I found it...lots of great information.

How do I change the fuel filter in my '02, 4.7L, V8 Tundra? I'm reasonably mechanical, but I have worked on older vehicles...not as much computer control and all.

My truck has ~44k miles, and I have never changed the fuel filter. It sat parked for most of a year in 2004, so I know it's due. I think I found the filter in the rear, by the spare tire. Is this the right? Is it important to releive the fuel pressure before changing the filters? If so, how do I do this?

Also, can anyone comment on the effect of an old, maybe partially clogged, fuel filter on gas milage? The engine performance is fine, but I have noticed a drop in milage over the past months...from about 16 mpg around town to 13-14 mpg?
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