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Remove the two screws holding the tailight cover in place.

After you remove the two screws in the back panel, you have to pull the assembly. The best way for me to describe it is, you have to move to the side of the truck and pull the assemble towards you. You cannot pull it straight back in the same direction you removed the screws. You will break the pins that hold the lens cover onto the side of the SUV.

There are two pins that allow the light cover to be secured against the back of the truck. One pin is towards the top, the other pin is towards the bottom (photos attached). I used a screwdriver to GENTLY help me pop the pin inserts out.

Twist out the bulb assembly.
Pull out the bulb
Insert the new bulb
Twist back in the bulb assembly
Place the pins over the pin holes in the light cover mold on the side of the truck
Push in gently Replace screws and you are done.

I placed this here because my original location for answering this was in the Siena forum. I also added more text here.


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