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Hi all,

Need some input to at least start thinking/checking on this. Have too much trailer sway on a 28' travel trailer with our 2010 Sequoia. It has weight distribution bars and 2 anti-sway bars. It seems level to me when I have it all hooked up. If I get a cross wind of 15 to 20 mph I get a slight but constant sway that I have to counteract with.

Have had trailer guys suggest:
a) to replace Michelin passenger tires with light truck tires (other guys say that won't help)
b) others have suggested replacing shocks with Bilstein shocks
c) others say I should just up the pressure on my Michelin's from 35 to 40 lbs
d) some have asked about the air-levelling in the Sequoia - I don't know much about this

Not even sure where to start to try to figure it out. Any suggestions appreciated.

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