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A few days ago my Tundra started flashing the O/D light on the dash, and was coming out of overdrive randomly as I was driving. Seemed to randomly turn on and off when wiggling the shift lever. This turns out to be a common failure point, but is easily fixed. The small wire that runs to the button on the tip of the shift lever rubs and wears off the insulator over the miles. This grounds the wire and simulates the button being pressed. All you need to do is re-insulate the frayed wire.

My truck only has 79k. I found the fix doing a forum search, and fixed it in about 5 minutes. Some people are more comfortable with pictures so I figured I'd snag a few pics. There's no need to disconnect the battery or remove the steering wheel. All you need is a Phillips screwdriver and a bit of electrical tape.

Step 1, move the steering wheel 45 degrees to the left to expose the side screws holding the steering column clam shell together. Remove screw.

Step 2, turn steering wheel 180 degrees and remove the other screw.

Step 3, remove the screw underneath the steering wheel.

Step 4, remove the bottom clam shell by working the bottom half of the clam shell loose from the top half. Then move the upper part of the clam shell up. It'll only go up by gently guiding it through the shift lever. You dont need to fully remove the upper part of the clam shell.

Step 5, Inspect the little black wire coming from the steering column shifter for fraying. Most likely, you'll see the insulator worn down. The wire is shorting out on the metal part of the steering column shifter along which it runs.

Step 6, wrap a little high quality electrical tape, or self sealing vinyl tape, on the frayed part of the wire.

Step 7, re assemble in the reverse order. Pay special attention to lining up the rubber boot of the shifter underneath the clam shell.

This will most likely take care of your problem.

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