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Just want to say that this is my first video attempt and was taken with my phone and was shooting and trying to remove parts by myself which is kinda of hard as you'll see in the video,so be gentle hehe :D. But i dont think its too bad. I forgot to turn the sound on for the video so i put some music that youtube had available
ENJOY :beavbutt:

So after a week of the woman having the truck :confused: .I get in the truck to go to dinner last night and when i turned the a/c on i noticed a foul odor coming thru the vent,it eventually went away, but it got me thinking on what could be causing the odor.Seeing how its pollen season and leaves have been fallen like crazy,i decided to take apart the cowl under the wiper arms.Seeing how this is where all that stuff likes to go and sit and get moldy,its also where the fresh air comes from for the a/c.

I had already started to clean under the cowl before i decided to make this video so that's everything comes off easily and why it seem fairly clean under there,but i will say i had quite a bit of leaves and crap in there.

Its a pretty simple procedure im sure most anyone can do this.


Tools needed:
Phillips screwdriver
Ratchet and 14mm socket

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