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Hybrid Highlanders

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The hybrid Highlander's a specialty of mine -- as well as Prius too! I'm so cheap on these, it's almost embarrassing. I'm at least $3500 off the MSRP on all HLH models, and in some cases, we're buried with certain models... $4000++ off the MSRP's! Just reach me to get the details settled. As long as I have the car, you have a killer deal!!

Incidentally, here's a place to see what we have here and incoming every day, 24 hours a day so you can browse my inventory in your pajamas at 2am if you want!

Toyota of San Juan Capistrano - Powered by Tundra Solutions

What you see posted there is always posted at MSRP (retail) so you'd email with me and tell me what car(s) you need pricing for to get the best pricing possible, best terms too!!

Dianne Whitmire
Internet | Fleet Sales Director
Toyota San Juan Capistrano
949 493 4100 x117
949 689 0717 cel
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