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I got Egged! Paint Damage

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Some punks went through the neighborhood Saturday night a threw eggs at cars. :mad:
I did not find the damage until I pulled into the parking lot at Church Sunday morning. I was able to rinse the eggs off but there is some damage to the paint on the tailgate. It's like the paint was etched at the impact point. I find myself wishing I had paid the extra $800 per the Xylon coating they tried to sell me duing the finance office.

Any suggestions to help me fix my new truck?

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sorry that happened, thats really sux asss. :mad:

try and ask TS member Brandon1 for suggestions. he might have a trick for it.

impact of the eggshell does more than etch the paint, it chisels and chips into it on a microscopic level. the darker the paint color, the worst it shows up. probably a regiment of clay bar, polish, wax, and a sealant of some sort to make it less noticeable.....
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