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I have a question

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I have an 07 prerunner 2.7 but was looking around the toyota website and noticed the fj's had a clutch cancel safety switch so i began to investigate and found out some older Tacoma's had it also.But i don't and I'd really like it and was wondering if they had it on 07 Tacoma's and if so if it was something easy to get and retro fit to mine in the sense that all i would have to do is buy the switch and it would already be pre wired.I know i can just jam a paper clip in the switch but I'd prefer not having to do that.
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my 06 has it. Not sure how easy it would be for you to put one in...
My 06 has it as well. 2.7 access cab, manual sr5. I have to say I am not sure when this feature would be used. Maybe it is my lack of experience in off roading a truck, but I am unsure. I figure you may use it if you stalled while going up an incline? Sorry to hijack your thread.
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