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I-Pass EZ Pass mounting on 2007-2010 Tundra

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So I have gone through the posts searching for an answer but no luck. I want to mount my I-Pass above the review mirror behind the little dotted sunshade on the windshield. The question I have is, will an I-Pass or EZ Pass work in this spot or will the dotted sunshade block it from working?
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Here in Orlando we have e pass for our toll roads, is that the same thing? Well tell you this with my e pass me and my buddy used to see where we could put the e pass and it not go off, it went off everywhere we put it. We put it in the glove box, under the seat, etc. Mine works in the tundra through my 30% tint on my entire windshield. I would say yes, to your question.
i have an sunpass i use when i'm home in FL. here if it does not go off and your car is registered with them to carry the pass they will just charge your account the amount for the toll.
Mine is right next to it with part of the box blocked by the dots, and it's fine.
I put my EZ Pass in the clear part. You can try the dotted area and if it fails which I doubt, they will give you more velcro to move it
Mine is right behind the dots centered behind the mirror. I have not had any problems.
My E-Pass is in my center console, it goes off from in there.
here in NY where they have EZ Pass,they have an option for a EZ Pass unit that mounts to the front license plate,do they have that option in WI? might be also worth looking into.i don't have an EZ Pass,so i really can't give you any help on the mounting.
ours are weird...its a self adhesive square with a tiny chip that you cant move once you committ w/o replacing it. not the thick plastic velcro up there thing. anyway i have mine in both cars where the chip is just to the edge of the black dots. the square self adhesive part overlaps the dots but not the tiny chip. so i have no idea if it would work there or not. best part of the way ours are, is i cant see them from the drivers seat due to rearview mirror in the way ahaha.
Thanks for all the input. I do live in Wisconsin but travel through Illinois quite often and think that the Illinois Toll people would be sending me a letter sooner or latter if they constantly had to manually charge me for the toll because the I-Pass did not register. I did go through Illinois this past weekend and am going to go to the Illinois Toll website to see if it worked. Thanks all again for the info.
We use this so we can move them car to car or put them away when we don't travel. They were like $6 each. Suction cups on other side.
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wow. i tried to find a pic of the tag we have, thats kidna tacky and non removable, and they actually have "install videos" online....

Installing your TxTag

if you get bored u should check them about corny
Mine is right behind the dots centered behind the mirror. I have not had any problems.

Same here, no problems with EZPass
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