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Our 2000 Tundra will not accelerate after changing the starter. It starts and runs well as long as you do not press quickly on the accelerator (like trying to pass or go up a steephill). Live diagnostics show the ignition timing at 40% , MAF at 19.4 g/s, throttle position at 18% at 2600 rpm when spluttering. If you back off the engine returns to running smoothly. If the accelerator is pressed gradually to 2500 rpm the ignition timing shows 14.5 %, MAF 80.2 g/s, throttle position is 38% running smoothly.
It is indicating that the throttle is not opening properly and the ignition timing is jamming over advanced.

Does anyone know of have any idea what could be causing this situation.

My next line is to go through all the sensor connections and check the wiring harnesses to the ECU (other than the lines going to relays).
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