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Hey Guys,

Sorry to start my first post as - Question - But I'm a bit disprit.

I Imported 2011 RCSB 4x4 5.7 work Truck, and as soon as I took it out from the shipping container, I had an issue running the car. I jumped the battery and is kicked off, but as soon I remove the cable, it die. The alternator was out.

I took it to the dealer, but unfortunately, they aren't specialize in the Tundra. Now, two weeks and they stated that (The Fuse box need to be replace - Internal Short)

Now, my first question, would 2007 - 2012 fit the car? or are they too specific to the exact model (2011 work Truck - Non SR5)?

Second, Where can I find them? I saw some 2008 posts @ ebay for around $150+ and they head to 500+ new through

I really appreciate you support in illustrate the fitting part
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