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Just put in an AVIC D3X into my 07 seq. Couple things that really held up the installation for me was

  1. Where's the VSS?
  2. Where do I put the GPS Antenna?
So I figured I'd share the info in case anyone else decided to try to tackle the same task. Sorry didn't do pics along the way though.

  1. The Vehicle Speed Sensor wire is available right behind the factory head unit. In the factory head unit there are 3 plugs plugged into the back. There are also two hangin out behind there that are not plugged into anything. The smaller of the two has two wires in it: one's the vss and the other is the parking brake wire(black w/stripes). I took a guess that the vss wasn't the black one and I was right!
  2. I didn't want to put the gps antenna outside of the car (don't like to advertise what kinda equip I got). When have the head unit out, you'll see the plastic air ducts behind there. They have a "Y" shape and form somewhat of a shelf, just place the metal sticky pad on top of the plastic duct to the right of the HU opening up as high as possible and adhere the antenna. Has been working very good for me in that location so far.
That's all, hope it saves somebody some time.
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