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Does anyone know the dimensions of the 2010 Double Cab Rear Seat, Underseat storage box that is built in at the factory?
Unless things have changed, this is an option that is not standard equipment (mine is a 2009 which should be the same box). The option was priced at around $15, but if you add it on later, its about $100 (TRD-Sparks for the win!!!, my dealer wanted $145 + tax)

Now here's the details...

The box is shaped like a U with two compartments, separated by a small divider. The space is roughly 60/40 (the split of the rear seats). The overall useable length is about 55" across the top, by approximately 12" wide. The attached photos should give you some real-world expectations (tape-measurement included)

Hope this helps.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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