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I have a first gen 2000 v8 sr5 4x4 blah blah blah. Recently i had replaced my cv shaft after having it blow apart while off roading. wasnt able to get the cv shaft out of the diff ont he passenger side with my current tools so i had left it in. so i was driving around with no RF cv and the weight being all handled on my wheel bearing. just as luck would have it on the road my wheel bearing blew to smithereens and I watched the parts scatter the road behind my truck as i drove.. like in the movies. awesome. so i replaced the cv and the new bearing and got it together. drove around.. bam! it blew. WTF? took it apart. it unseated. okay i presses it in wrong. replaced the bearing under warranty thankyoujesus. and repeated. same thing happend. it blew. after freaking out and having my third bearing blow i did some research. upoin my first issue i lost my spacer for my abs. however my truck doesnt have abs it has a spacer that essentially replaces it. My question is, has anyone ever had this issue and/or know where I can find that part(s). any help would be much appreciated.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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