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It looks like I have reached the age where auto technology has surpassed me. I never gave it a thought to do anything to a car, even built some but taking parts off my new Sequoia has me baffled. I want to remove the rear inside fender well covers so I can see what is needed for sound deadening.

I see the seat belt bolt, a little round snap at the bottom toward the front, the screw on the bag hanger and the knob snap behind it. I have removed the inspection plastic plate below the bag hanger and looked for clues inside. To me it looks like you pull and unsnap it then from the bottom like many of the panels. Without some guidance, I’m not pulling anything although I did remove the front kick panel with ease for my back-up sensor.

It looks puzzling up at the window area, as there seems to be an extra plastic strip running along the window. I am also in fear of triggering a sensor and having an air bag blow up. Please tell me this is hard to do. Oh and I pulled out what seems to be a people sensor in that panel and have no idea what it really is. (I assume if no one is in the back the bags won’t blow up on a roll?).

Could some of you steer me in the right direction?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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