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Hey everyone,

I have a '05 DC 4x4 Limited with roughly 54k miles. In the last couple weeks, the truck has developed an intermittent vibration at can be felt/heard between 20 - 35 mph and then sometimes while coasting. It's hard to describe the noise in a typed message but at first it sounded like wheels out of balance. I took the truck into the shop that replaced my tires and they found my right front bearings/hub assembly were bad and needed to be replaced. They replaced them but the noise continues, but again it's intermittent, it doesn't do it all the time. Generally only when the truck is cold. I've taken it to Toyota since it's covered under the Powertrain Warranty and they have yet to discover the issue. I have noticed that when I hear it, if I engage 4-wheel drive, the noise immediately goes away.

By the way, the tires are not the issue. They are balanced and since the noise goes away when 4-wheel drive is engaged, that eliminates the tires as a possible cause.

Any thoughts what it could be?
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