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Hey All,

Forgive me for the double post. I also posted this as a reply to the "Heater quit, sort of..." post. I figured it might be a helpful one to a lot of you out there so I wanted to make sure it wasn't hidden under a different topic.

I have an 03 HL and had the same intermittent heating issues that were described in the above post I referred to.

While the dash was a part I was looking at the back of the radio unit and saw that I had an open port (this is normally where a CD changer would be plugged in). I got curious about whether or not I could install a direct line for my ipod and boy did I make a find.

The website will give you mp3 or ipod hook-up options based on the year, make, and model of your vehicle. (note: even if you're HL is equipped with a CD changer, the ipod kit can be installed inline with the changer, and used without interrupting or interfering with your CD changer). The guys at mp3yourcar are friendly, helpful, and great to work with.

I ordered the kit for my 03 HL as long as I had the dash apart figured I'd install it before putting everything back together.

The only picture I have, unfortunately, is the picture of the finished product.

The ipod hook-up comes with the proper plug to put into the back of your radio, a small box that you install somewhere in the dash, and the wire that will run out to your ipod.

Here's a list of steps you need to take if you're starting from scratch.

1. Remove the trim around your radio
(note: this piece is quite large but pops out quite easily once you get it started.)
(second note: I used a plastic puddy knife as the trim piece will dent VERY easily)
2. Carefully remove the bolts holding the heating unit and radio to the dash)
3. As you pull the loose unit out you will need to reach around and carefully disconnect the wires going to the heating and and radio unit.
4. Determine where you want your ipod to plug in.
(note: the glove box is the easiest cause it's right there, however not very user friendly while driving, not that you should be looking at your ipod while driving anyway :blushed:)
(second note: I put mine in the center console. Easy to get to, quick to stow, see pics)
5. Attach the converter box to the inside of the dash somewhere. I attached the converter box to the dashboard frame using Velcro strips and electrical tape.
(note: you can access the dash from the center where the radio and heater are missing from, and through the glove box if you let it down all the way)
6. If installing in center console, here's what I did.
6a. I drilled a small hole in the inside bottom corner of the center console.
(note: Remove the rear-seat ash tray on the back side of the center console to have access to drill from both sides of the console wall.)
6b. I then used a fish tape to feed the wire from the back side of the center console, all the way up through the center console (it will pass right by the cup holders) and up into the gaping hole in the dashboard that you'll have while the heater and radio unit are out.
7. Make sure the wires and converter box and all screws are secure. You don't want something rattling around or coming loose once you get it all closed back up.
My ipod plays through the radio with great quality and charges at the same time. The ipod charges through the radio and there is no splicing or taping of wires required!

Follow the instructions and you'll be good to go. Feel free to message me with questions.

Good Luck and Enjoy!


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