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Is a New Tundra Right for me?

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Hey guys... I drive about 24000 miles a year for work pulling a 2500 pound trailer for almost every mile of it. Was going to get a Tacoma 6cyl for the gas mileage but now im looking at the new 5.7 DC Tundra. The 5.7 is supposed to get better gas mileage than the 4.7.. prolly especially while towing. Gas mileage is a big concern of mine because im all out of pocket at 3 bucks a gallon now. I love the looks and i know how awesome the 5.7s are. But this is a big expense for my humble business. Anyone have any suggestions or alternatives? Thanks for any responses.... :)
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There is a lot to consider, and a lot we don't know about your circumstances, so the best I can do is point out somethings that may bear consideration. A new vehicle is always an expensive option, between title/registration, insurance and payments it can add up. On the other hand you indicate this is a business expense, unless there has been a recent change in the tax code, a vehicle with an open cargo box of 6ft in length and a GVWR of 6000 lbs or more is eligable for a 100% tax write off in the first year, assuming 100% use for business use. Figuring that the average 07 Tundra driven off dealer lots is in excess of $30K thats one big tax savings! In short you really must make sure what you buy qualifies. In addition, any new vehicle will be under warranty so you know no big ticket repairs, and very little likelihood of extended down time for any kind of repairs. I assume you're not going to get paid sitting around waiting for your truck to get fixed. So have I given you enough excuses to do this yet or do I need to go on?
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be careful on what you believe when it comes to fuel mileage ..its not bad but its nowhere near the 20 mpg the epa set it at

i would still say buy the tundra ... in tow haul mode it tows like a dream
Get the Tundra with the big motor. Absolute Power corrupts Absolutely. And, although I think your mileage will pleasantly surprise you, at the end of the year, your mileage and fuel charges should be a tax write-off, if your truly use the truck for your business, so really it is a no-brainer- as they say.
Thanks for the advice so far!! Do you guys think that the 07 tundra will be about the best for gas overall?? Any thoughts on the tacoma gas wise could be better? Any other trucks even worth considering that would be alot better on gas??

Thanks again!!
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