One of JamesJr's famous, meticulously modified superchargers. 9th and 10th injector. Ported, interior and exterior heat coated surfaces, coated rotors.

$7,000 picked up in Raleigh, NC. Not looking to ship at the moment.

More pictures: Toyota 4.7 TRD supercharger - auto parts - by owner - vehicle...

The MP90 unit is:
Refurbished, Ported and rebuilt by Jokerz Performance.
New OEM seals, New OEM Bearings.
CNC machine ported.
Rear bolted/attached Inlet is also ported
Toyota Sealant specified for use on blower rebuild, used on Intake Runners, MP90, Bolting Plate and Upper Manifold. All surfaces thoroughly cleaned before applying.
New Grade 10.9 Flange Hex Head bolts were used

Lower Dayco Pulley
Upper Dayco/Toyota Pulley
Gates Supercharger Belt
New Iridium Spark Plugs: Used in tuning and better than Denso IK22 spark plugs.
All Required Toyota Fuel line gaskets for fuel lines
New, never used Auxiliary 9th/10th injector, fuel rail, fuel dampener
New TRD 160 degree Thermostat Expensive & Hard to get Item
Vacuum hoses for installation
Brand new boost/vacuum actuator

Brand NEW Unichip with 5 Custom Dyno-Road Tunes. $880 item,... not to forget the costs of the 5 Unichip tunes.
Alot of dyno tuning & time was spent on these maps.

Interior and Exterior Coatings blocking heat and Thermally dispersing heat at a 40% faster rate than the original coating.
Port matching/porting and polishing of intake runners & rear inlet, as well as the MP90 porting upgrade.
Improved rotor coating which significantly increases the efficiency of the MP90 unit/blower