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JBL 10w3v2 Stealth Box

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Does anyone have the JL stealthbox with 10w3v2 installed in their Tundra? I was wondering if you lose the larger, bottom half of the center console after installation. I'm assuming the smaller, upper console is left in tact. Also, does the bass cause the console to rattle? What about the objects inside? That would really drive me nuts.
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I put the stealthbox in my DC. Yes, you lose the lower, larger storage compartment. the pen/change/pad holding part stays the same. It does rattle the plastic in mine. This is probably in part due to the design of it, and probably in part due to me not taking as much time to put it in as I should have! I'm thinking of putting some foam between the stealthbox and the console to try and insulate them from each other better. I have mine running of a JL Audio 300/2 bridged and I'm pretty happy with how it sounds (but it took some getting used to after having 2 12's in a big *** ported box w/ 1200 watts in my old 94 Xtracab). Hope this helps.
Hey there Mossman...are you the Mossman from the site? If so , I have been trying to contact you about my BowTech bow. let me know.

I have a Stealthbox in my 2004 Tundra DC. It sounds awesome with a JL 250/1 amp. I will post a picture of my installed box so you get an idea of how much room you got. My console does not rattle a bit, nothing rattles except for loose change or items in the console tray.

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Sorry, not the same mossman. I live in Northern Virginia.
Hey Ichiro,

Instead of using foam, try using some modeling clay to dampen the resonance of the console.

Also, you can add a sound deadener to the plastic to help too, but modeling clay will work in a pinch as well...
Also to help keep rattling down, tune the amp correctly. I found this lowers distortion and excursion and helps not "jiggle" everything in the cab. This I how I do it.

Put in a 100hz test tone and unplug all of your rca's cept your sub. turn everything to flat and 0 on h/u and amp. turn up cd player to 3/4 volume. take how much power is going to your sub at what ohms and multiply them, then take the square root. EX: my amp does 300x1 at 2ohms, so 300x2= 600, then take the square root and it should be like 24 or so. Do that for your amp. Then hook up a digital multimeter on your outputs to the sub from the amp. Turn up the gain until you hit the # you got when you did the math, in my case I would turn it up until I hit 24v. then your gains are set and your sub is getting full clean power that will help reduce extra distortion and rattles.
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