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I just purchased my V6 SLE coupe today and can't wait to bring it home on Monday!!!!! I could have had it today, but I would have had to wait a little ove an hour for them to detail it - with it being the end of the month (it is true about good deals at the end of the month), the dealership was packed with quite a few people closing deals. I figured the detail job would be better on Monday when it wasn't as crowded - glad I waited, I got a free pinstripe!

So, I am open to suggestions for color on the pinstiping - it will be 2 lines, one a little thicker then the other. The car is Titanium Metallic with Dark Stone. I was thinking burgandy or maybe blue to match the backlight on the instrument panel??

Can't wait till Monday :eek: :eek: :eek:
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