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Just ordered a DEH-p590ib

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Ordered head unit (ipod cable is included) for 177 shipped on ebay, and payed 27 for the 1DIN dash mounting kit. I am hoping to install it next weekend... if i get it by then. I am just going to run speaker wire to the output wires of the amp, and ditching the factory amp. Any tips on installing it?

heres a link to some pics
Pioneer Premier DEH-P590iB

Oh its the 6 speaker system with rear mounted amp.. not jbl atleast i dont think
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I have a 1-Din dash kit that I would have sold your for a lot less that $27. I bought a Kenwood 6019 in-dash DVD system (2-Din) and Crutchfield sent the 1-Din mounting bracket with the unit. I called Crutchfield and they said to keep it.

Here is a link to the instruction manual for that unit.

I have a 2004 DC Tundra that I completely gutted as far as Audio. I replaced all my door speakers with components powered by an amp (80x4), dynamated everything, and a JL Stealthbox powered by a JL 250/1. I am in the process of mounting two 9Kv.2 Elemental Design subs in the rear storage compartment. I have the compartment sealed and I made a baffle board for the top and screwed it down. I am waiting to get my new ED Nine.5 amp that is to be released June 1st. I am going to then have 100 x 4 @4 Ohms to the door components and 600 x 1 @ 1 Ohm to the two 9Kv.2's. I am going to leave the JL Stealthbox and the JL 250/1 to push it. I also ordered the Navigation unit KNA-G510 to occompany the Kenwood 6019 on Ebay for $327. I am going to install it the first of next week. Once you start upgrading the system, it never seems to Good luck with your install and check this forum and the "search" option for informative installation tips and helpful hints to make install more enjoyable. There are alot of knowledgable and helpful people on this forum.
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On the back wall behind the plastic cover. I have my Profile amp and the JL 250 back there now. I will have to remove the drivers side storage pocket from the back panel, but there is plenty of room. I already measured it and have everything ready to go. I removed the storage pockets from the drivers and middle panel to allow room for the amp. It works wonderful. Check on here for other members pics that have done the same installation.
Check out this link......
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