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Just towed at or over max rating, with no trailer brakes

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And DAMN was it 'interesting'. I had a need this weekend for a ride-on trencher so I showed up at the rental place to pick one up. I was a little surprised at how large the rig was and how heavy-duty the trailer was but the rental guy said I'd have no problem's pulling it with my '03 Tundra...but that I needed to be careful about stopping...No kidding!

Hooked everything up and made sure the rear of the Tundra had a good squat on it so no worries about trailer fish-tailing and then pulled out on the highway. Fortunately for me I only live around 15 miles away with all but 2 miles of it lightly traveled 4-lane highway.

Truck pulled pretty decent with OD off, with a load that large it was a no-brainer (which, after pulling this load I certainly qualify for :eek: ) to keep it out of OD. Kept everything 10 under the speed limit and started my stop waaaayyyy in advance. Found that allowing 3x my usual stopping distance was not an excessive amount.

I was hauling a Case 460 trencher which according to their website weighs in at just under 5700 lbs and then throw in the weight of a 2 axel heavy duty trailer at a guesstimated weight of 2K and I'm at 7700lbs. With NO trailer brakes. STUPID

Trucks rated for 7300lbs towing but that's WITH trailer brakes. And for DAMN good reason, if someone had pulled out in front of me, we'd have all been truly screwed.

Next time I'll be paying a few extra dollars to have the guys deliver the rig to me and pick it up.

I'm posting this as much to publicly air my stupidity as to warn others abt this crap. I was really impressed at how well the truck did overall. The brakes held up good and stopped the load ok, but this was only because everything was in my favor, good weather, light traffic, good road, etc. I sure won't be doing this stupid crap again. Too much risk to me and others.
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Glad to hear the truck will pull that much weight.
That would've been very interesting without the controller.
Glad things worked out OK for ya.
Awhile back I was interested in renting a skip loader, they said no way to me towing it. Had to be a 3/4 ton at least.
So some rental places are better than others. maybe its the risk manager saying its our rear if we rent to some one and they go out and have a accident.
I suspect you're right about that Rambrush. This is a pretty small rental place out in the sticks and they're clearly a little more trusting of their clients...

In fact, when I brought the rig back I asked the owner/manager how much he figured the trencher weighed and he said around 10K lbs plus the weight of the trailer. Not sure if he was just saying that to make me feel 'good' about my truck towing that or just didn't have a clue. But ya know, if he really believed that the rig weighed that much, he was WAY off base letting me drive off with it behind my 1/2 ton truck.

Oh well, lesson learned.
Yep our trucks are fun and have there limitations.

I ended up renting a backhoe and roading it home instead of waiting on getting the skip loader delivered.

No use going over board and seeing how much we can overload them. For most of us the truck has to last for several years.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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