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kayak rack

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heres my truck, 01 tundra, and my 54 Chevy. finished my kayak rack the other day and just wanted to show yall and see whatcha thought


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Nice Rack! that is sweet lookin.:)
thanks. trucks not a 4x4, and cant afford to do longtravel yet. so its summer and wanted a cool rack, not a square tubing painter rack, but just one to haul my kayaks and camping gear, i got 20miles down a 4x4 only beach tho, untill i had to have my bros z71 yank me out


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sweet, wish i had your garage as well
Can I have some whataburger too? :)

I dont know how you do any work in your garage as hot / humid as it in in Texas.
Tell you what, I sure like that drop & chop in the background :D...
hahaha ya its damn hot in Texas, if u like that car check out our shop website,
looks cool. much better than the people i see with them hanging half way out the back of the bed.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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