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I have a 2004 Sequoia and bought it used. It did not come with key fobs for the security system and doors, but it has a security system. I am wondering which fobs should be used? I purchased two of the standard fobs (buttons down the middle) and my Sequoia does not go into program mode with the instructions I have for these fobs.

I also owned (and sold) my first 2004 Sequoia 2WD (yes, I'm a diehard Sequoia fan) to purchase my current one (4WD). My first one had the other remote with buttons on the side. I was able to buy a remote to replace the broken one I had for that and it worked.

I understand that the difference is the standard remote (buttons down middle) is a factory installed system, whereas the other remote (buttons down side) is a dealer installed system. But I don't have any remotes with this newer Sequoia. How can I tell which my Sequoia has without having the original key fobs?

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