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I have a question (its at the end of the post) but first a little info on what happened that brought me to the question :)

I have an '06 double-cab Tundra with JBL harnest (w/ factory amp behind rear seat on driver side). I was going to add new kenwood receiver, new speakers and a sub.

Decided to bypass the factory amp (sub will have its own and speakers will get powered by the new head's amp) and run new speaker wires.

So, receiver installed, wires ran to the 4 doors and one to the back for sub. Now, before installing new speakers I decided to make sure that it works with the old speakers.

Now here where I took some shortcuts.... To avoid having to take the door off and trying to kneet the wire through that rubber-wire-closure between the cab and the door, I decided to use existing wires and soldered my wires to the speaker wires into the harnest at the plug near each of the doors. There is nothing special about the rear doors, but front doors have several speaker wire-pairs going into the door (for the 3 JBL factory speakers), I, however, only cut into one pair (going to put speaker/tweet crossover in the door, so thats all i need)...

Doing one door at a time and testing it as I went along (btw i removed the factory amp since it wont be driving anything anyway). So far everything worked fine, passenger-front, passenger-rear, driveside-rear doors.... but then I got to driver's door and here is where I fried something:

I matched the wires running to door speaker to the wires on the plug near the door by color (same as with the other doors), sliced the wires in and reconnected the harness plug... sound disapeared, and the receiver started flashing 'Protection' (luky me that it had one instead of frying).... so (naturally) wtf?!... Disconnected the plug and carefully re-inspected the wires on the harness plug(to which I sliced into), comparing it to the wires in the plug going into the door... and, of course, the were not color-matched... The many pre-existing slices into the plug ( I am gussing by who ever installed the keyless entry perhaps) should have given me a clue that it was not the original plug to begin with.... :( .... so with a small set-back, I found the correct speaker-wires on the plug by matching the pin positions of the speaker wires on the door side plug... Re-pluged in and the speakers in the door started working as expected.

Now finally for the question part:

I think that the unfortunate miss-wire burnt some fuses, but I can't seem to find which ones (they all seem ok visually).... The current simptoms are:

1. the little light at the bottom of the door does not light up when door is open (the light-bolb itself is goo, tested by putting it into rear door)

2. Keyless entry does not work, not even a sound... (worked like a charm right before)

3. lock/unlock button on the door-controls does not work at all (window up/down buttons are working good though)

4. Air-bag light came on (not just when starting up, but permenatly)... there are air bags in the side-panels (both sides of windshield) so probably cause by the same wire miss-slicing...

Everything else seems to be working ok. Any ideas on how to correct this? Is it just the fuses and where woudl those specific ones be?

PS. during the wiring I drained the battery: either the lights got switched on some how or just drained by the receiver playing mp3s without engine running (not that wiring was taking that long, but I was also layering the floors under the carpet with the deamplifires as I went from door to door...). The weird thing about it is that once the receiver shut off due to battery drainage, I jumped the truck and right then and there, BUT (and this I noticed an hour or so afterwards) the dash-clock was reset..... So, I wonder if the cause of it reset was not the battery drain but the same temporary miss-wiring earlier (since it needs soooooo little power and the battery was never physically disconnected)

Thank You

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