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Ok, about a mouth ago we had the 100k services done on our 2001 Sequoia..
On Sunday when I got home from the store, I noticed that there was liquid running out on the passenger side..
After some searching, found that the seal on the thermostat housing had come apart, and while I was looking I noticed that there was a nut missing on one of the bolts on the timing belt housing. I Contacted the Sales Manager since it was Sunday, and Service was closed, and let them know what was going on..
Monday Morning, my Wife received a call from the Service Manager. Once she explained what was going on, he told her that she would be getting a call from there Tow company, to get the Sequoia back to there shop.

Once done, they found my wife and first assured her that there was NO CHARGE for ANYTHING..
They replaced the seal on the thermostat, also checked all of the screws, nuts and bolts to make sure they were all still snug, and replaced the one nut that had backed off, also replaced ALL of the Coolant..
Huge KODOS to them for admitting that there had been a mistake made, and FIXING THE PROBLEM!!!!
WTG Toyota of Concord NC!!!!
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