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“Damn that mf tundra can ****in move! Neva thought a Tundra was snatching like that!”

“What a kick ass motor in that Tundra! A ford would've puked its guts out the tail pipe, if it could go that fast.”

“I love DODGE charger/challenger they make some good SRT & Hennessey and hellcat models, they got the 5.7L himi, but it's funny to see a Toyota TUNDRA with a 5.7L smoke those cop cars…”

“have to say how impressed I am that the Tundra performed like that… Obviously I would never drive any vehicle, let alone a truck in this manner, but I have to say that Tundra appeared planted and solid on the road.”

“Did not know a Toyota Tundra could go that fast. It's a cheap truck.”

“So I'm thinking of buying a Tundra TRD, so how is it? is it reliable?”
“I have never had an issue. Owned a 2005, 2007, and now a 2010. Never had a problem.”

“I am very impressed with that Tundra. Wow!”

“Nothing like a Tundra.”

“Takes a lot to stop a Tundra.”

“I didn't think that charger was going to be able to pit that tundra.”

“Really? It takes that many patrol cars to chase one truck? What a waste of tax payer monies… should go out and buy Toyota Tundras.”
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