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Diesel engine 4.5 with Twin Turb, for LC200 is:

  • equally good alternative to usual Gas engine

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  • better alternative to cut cost of fuel and maitenance

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  • worse alternative as it's acceleration in not acceptable

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  • Can't say, I have no idea

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I was looking for a LC to replace my aging Sequoia '01.
I found one offered by local dealer. However, it is a manual (I dont mind that a bit) and it is a diesel 4.5 L engine. But it is BRAND new. 0 Km!!

Now I am in dilemma of weather I should buy that one or stick to the usual Petrol (Gas) V6 or V8. But have to pay lots more in price even for a used one (around 8-15 thousand $, depending which trim I go with).

My question to you guys, and I know the experience with LC 200 with diesel engines is limited to Australia and Europe, is that a good engine to go with. Is it smooth enough for daily use?
Is acceleration at least acceptable for such SUVs?
And what about maintenance? is it doable and straight forward with same intervals and cost?

I live in Saudi Arabia nowadays and hence I can have this option.

Your input is appreciated and anticipated.

thanks in advance.......
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