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I just had a quote of $329 per month out the door with taxes and fees. The terms are 36 months, 12K a year, and "no money down". The deal shows just under $900 up front for dealer fees and what not. I went in with a deal I had found on ebay for $279 a month with the same terms. All these are for a double cab SR5 2WD. The truck he quoted me was parked in the back of lot so I went off to see what it looked like. I found it had leather, wood, rims, 5.7 V8, running boards, bedliner, and tool box. I did not think that was that big of jump in price to add all those options.

Here is my issue, Saturday they were very busy so I agreed to work the deal on Monday. I'm afraid the numbers are going to change and the deal will not be nearly as sweet.

I will keep you posted but would appreciate feedback if others have found leases this cheap. I actually found the deal on Rice Toyota's website.
Do you know the residual and the money factor? What is the cap. cost?
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