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LED Reverse License Plate Lights?? Super Sick and Bright! Great job Morimoto!!

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NEWS!!! Morimoto has been on their game! They recently came out with these new LED reverse lights that uses the top two bolts on your license plate to install. I installed the old XB DRL from mormrito which was my custom build for reverse lights. They still last but I wish these exists back then! I dont have them personally but from what I have seen and read these are bada**. More info on these are here 1 XTR LP REVERSE LIGHT SYSTEM | Retrofit Wholesale

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I am glad I came across this post because now I am in dire need of good LED reversing lights, and since you advised me to purchase 1 XTR LP REVERSE LIGHT SYSTEM, I probably will. Moreover, I have already seen similar positive reviews on this automotive news site -- However, I usually order only LED lights and other things from Amazon, and I hope this model will be available in this store. And what I like most about your post is that you showed photos from different angles, and I can imagine how this LED light shines.
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