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Lexus ES 350 oil change

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Good morning:
I've always been a DIY guy, changing my oil every 3,000 miles......Bought my wife an ES-350, and after the first gratis change at Lexus, I had to get a filter from the dealer. Not your normal oil filter! Where is it, and is it difficult without the "Special Service Tool" they refer to on the filter box?
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Ah ha , Toyota strikes again with the infamous Required "SST".

Check the service manual if available some where on this site.

I'll get back to yu if I find info. yu need.

Channelocks can loosen the filter cannister.
I don't use/have the SST,the filter clamp I use on other Lexus vehicles works.
Here's a good idea of what you need to change your oil. Keep in mind the Camry V6, Avalon and Lexus V6 share the same engine. I purchased a 2007 V6 Camry LE and purchased a dozen genuine Toyota oil filter elements from Toyota of Puyallop via the iternet ($3.90 per filter in quantity lots) and ordered a Assenmacher oil cannister wrench type cap from

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Below is the Assenmacher model TOY640 oil filter cap/wrench which I should get delivered this week. It's a quality tool versus the junk thin stamped cap they normally sell in the local auto places.

Hope these jpg's help you!
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Do I have to go to a dealer to get an oil change? Can I go to a place like a Jiffy Lube and get what I need?

Oh please don't. If we don't support Iffy Lube, they will die. Then all is well in the universe.
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