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I have a 3" leveling kit and just put a 3" PA bodylift on my 2003 a couple of weeks ago. I fit some 35" tires under it. Looks great, rides fairly close to stock.
I had to do some mild trimming, mostly due to interference with the TRD flares/mudflaps.
Great setup for street and for aesthetics, but the 3" suspension lift with those tires would not be ideal for heavy offroading unless, perhaps, i trimmed more heavily.
I always see a lot of animosity for the body lifts... Not sure why as i had an S10 blazer with a PA body lift... Never any issues, and when my truck was totalled by a fast moving minivan the body kit held up to that fine... It was my frame bending from the impact that sent that truck to the junkyard... And every bolt and block in the body lift was intact. I actually drove it to the insurance adjuster (granted it was dark out and i did not realize at that point how extensive the damage was).
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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