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Lift/level install + alignment in Vegas???

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After reading what people have paid to have their lift kits installed....the quotes I've been getting are freaking highway robbery.

I've got a 3"/2" lift/level kit. It's a basic front spacer, rear block w/ diff drop kit. Nothing special. So far the dealership told me they won't do it. "Findlay Customs" said $650. Another shop said $450. Lowest I've found so far is $360.

There's got to be better. I would do it myself if I had the time......and if I don't find a better price than what I've been getting so far, I may just have to wait until I have the time.

Anyone get a leveling kit or lift done in Vegas? What did you pay? What shop did you go to?


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Get a hold of mustang67408. He is the shop foreman for Findlay Toyota and has worked on just about all of the Vegas Tundra's from the Vegas crew.

I forgot what I paid for mine, but send him a pm or call him at Findlay.

They did an awesome job on my lift kit.
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