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2011 Toyota Sequoia Limited
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2011 Sequoia Limited. Had her for almost 3 years, and she’s finally starting to come together. My goal is to build an overlanding rig that can handle donuts. Being my first and only vehicle this is my daily driver and other than gas it is insanely convenient. A lot of her character comes from my janky build quality complete with gorilla tape, glue, and zip ties. I’m watching YouTube to figure out the UCAs install for sometime soon, also in desperate need of a better skid plate.
Overall she’s my pride and joy, if y’all can give me any styling advice or parts advice I would greatly appreciate it :)

list of Stuff:
18x9 BlackRhino Warlords
35x12.5r 18 Nitto ExoGrapplers
Dobinsons coils (front and rear) adds height
Bilstein 5100s adjustable (front and rear)
ReadyLIFT 3”/2” lift kit
Corsa Touring Catback exhaust
AFE Power Cold Air Intake

Spyder Headlights
GoRhino SRM100 modular roof rack
Rigid E series pro 20” light bar
Rigid D series pro 3” pod light(2 sets of 2)
TRD OEM Sequoia Grille/Grille trim
Wilco Off-road Hitch gate
Pedal commander throttle controller
Fender flares(for an ‘11 Tundra, had to cut the rear ones)
Trd shift knob
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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