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Longo Toyota has the first Crew Cab...

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I called minutes ago and I spoke to one of the fleet managers and he told me that they have the first one in the showroom. I will stop today or this comming weekend to see it in person.

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I plan to buy from Dianne at San Juan Capistrano Toyota...however, I'll be very curious to see what their pricing is like. Keep me informed...
Diane is no longer with Carson..she moved to san juan Capistrano..she always gives good deals.

she just did not have the color i wanted...sorry diane..

well i went to longo tonight after reading this post and no i didnt see a crewmax in the showroom just a double cab.. so they were wrong
They have a white Crew Max at Toyota of Concord in North Carolina.
Just sat in a blue crewmax today at toyota of orange, they have a few of them. Let me just say, the rear seat is so nice the way it reclines. I think I'd rather sit in the back. The crewmax has atleast a foot more room than my dcab 05, its friggen huuuuge!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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